What is Working Out Loud?

Working Out Loud (WOL) is a way to achieve your goals and realise your dreams by working in an open, generous and connected way. It's good for people, the workplace and the community.

Working Out Loud enables people to build purposeful relationships and networks, to share work more freely, to collaborate effectively and access more opportunities.

A major part of Working Out Loud is finding the confidence to put your ideas out there, to share them with others to help nurture them to reality.

You’ll practice sharing your thoughts and ideas before they are ‘ready’ and experience how collaborating with others can help you make them happen.

Simon Terry is a consultant, board advisor, speaker and writer who works with organisations to enhance strategic value creation, enable digital transformation and realise the potential of people. We think he sums up the importance of Working Out Loud really well in his blog post on the subject when he says:

"Our world is so complex and connected know that nobody has all the answers themselves. You can’t expect to get from beginning to end of any meaningful challenge all on your own. Step out of seeing your challenges as a personal battle and engage with others. Work out loud and discover what your communities and networks have to offer you in your work".

You can read his full blog post here.

Working out loud opens up new possibilities, helping people to make their own luck.

John Stepper, the author of the book "Working Out Loud", explains how it all started it in this TEDx talk:

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