Having read John Stepper’s book ‘Working Out Loud for a Better Career and Life’ and participated in WOL circles, in January 2016 the team (Eve, Nicola and Helen) all attended John's first Working Out Loud Certification course.

Following this we partnered with John and co-produced a new course, allowing people to experience a condensed WOL circle for themselves supported by on-line coaching, supported by Mara Tolja and Cath Barton.

Eve and Nicola have now incorporated a range of tools, including working out loud to their on-line courses designed to create more and better collaboration to make change happen. These courses can be accessed from anywhere where you have an internet connection.

Upcoming courses

Making Things Happen: connecting, contributing and collaborating for change
Online course over 4 weeks

10th November - 1st Dec 2016
To book this course, or to find out more, please click here.

Making Things Happen: connecting, contributing and collaborating for change
One-day face-to-face course, Manchester, UK

16th November, 2016
To book this course, or to find out more, please click here.

What people say about our courses

“It is what I need it to be working with some lovely people and developing good (for me, business habits)... It feels like safe learning, very practical and immediately applied. I would recommend to others.”

Course participant

“Bravery! I have responded and initiated contacts with others I wouldn't normally have made the most of.”

Course participant

“I can see it and it makes me really excited for the future as I know there are people in my organisation hungry for this kind of collaboration!”

Course participant

“Helen and her team, led by Nicola Waterworth and Eve Holt, did a wonderful job”

John Stepper

Course structure

Who our courses are for

Anyone - absolutely everyone can benefit from working out loud.

Our 6-week on-line and Introductory courses are particularly suitable for you if you are: in a period of transition, making changes in your work or life, pursuing new ideas or purpose, and/ or seeking to improve how you communicate, collaborate and innovate.

You may be a coach, manager, leader, entrepreneur, change agent or all of these! You will benefit if you are new to Working Out Loud, developing your personal practice or wanting to support others within your workplace or community.

Working out loud promotes and harnesses diversity. We believe we all benefit from working with people who have different experiences and perspectives than us and actively encourage a diverse range of people to undertake our courses.

What you'll experience and learn

Our courses work as an accelerated introduction to working out loud.

In our 6-week online course you will be equipped with a range of good tools and resources that will support your practice, helping you to work and live well; to support others to work out loud; to collaborate effectively; and to deliver meaningful change in an organisation or community:

• Weekly structured 1.5 hour sessions introducing resources, tips and tools that help you deepen your relationships, expand your networks and make your work more visible

• Support to use a step-by-step process to identify a goal that matters to you, and take steps towards it through the practice of working out loud

• Be part of a small WOL practice group of 4 to 5 people, sharing and developing your practice

• Opportunity to communicate throughout the course and afterwards with your practice group and course peers to build new and effective networks

• Additional, personalised 1 to 1 coaching support

• Throughout our courses we utilise technology to enable the practice. For example we'll stay in touch throughout using Slack, a free app that you can use on your smartphone or computer.

To get the most out of the 6-week online course, you will need to be able to:

• Access a computer with internet and video connection, and a headset/headphones to take part.

• Participate in all 6 sessions for 1.5 hours

• Define a goal to work towards - don’t worry though, small is most definitely beautiful if this is your first experience of working out loud

• We recommend you carve out 2 hours a week outside of the on-line sessions to complete pre-reading, further your practice with your individual tasks agreed in your practice group and working towards your goal

Who will deliver the course?

Eve and Nicola will be delivering the on-line training, sharing information and learning via Slack throughout course, supporting participants with some 1:1 coaching.

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